Weathering and Abrasion Resistant Steel

Photographs of weather and abrasion resistant steel

Phione supplies special steels suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, that are not currently manufactured in South America. These steels are ideal when guaranteed tensile strength is required.

Most commonly these steel grades are referred to as COR-TEN or CORTEN but recently new generic grades have been developed in Europe and America with the same or improved properties which are ideal when these materials are used for applications that require a guaranteed tensile strength in extreme conditions.

Our range of weather resistant steel, also known as hot rolled steels, are self protecting and durable with  improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, eliminating the need for paint or other protective coatings.

Weathering Resistant Steel

Abrasion Resistant Steel

S235W and S355W

400 HB Steel 

ASTM A242, ASTM A588 and ASTM A606

500 HB Steel



Whether you are looking for CORTEN, or its American or European equivalent, or any of our Abrasion Resistant Steel grades please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.