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Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe to ASTM A 135 Standard

The Pipes under A 315 specification are manufactured under two grades (Grade A and Grade B)  in nominal diameters of 2  inches to 30 inches inclusive, with nominal (average) wall thickness up to 0.500 in. (12.70 mm), inclusive, and in nominal sizes of 3/4 inches to 5 inches inclusive with nominal (average) wall thickness 0.083 in. (2.11 mm) to 0.134 in. (3.40 mm), depending on size.


A135 pipes are intended for conveying gas, vapour, water or other liquid; only Grade A is adapted for flanging and bending.
For a table with all sizes and schedules please visit our Pipe Schedules section under Tools & Resources.

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