Specialised Steel Products

Phione supplies a wide range of high quality steel products, grades and types. The photos below link to our specialised steel pages or alternatively you can browse using the navigation column on the left.

     Photograph of Weathering and Abrasion Resistant Steel  

Product Categories

From Structural and Welding Steel to more specialised grades such as high quality Duplex, Supper Duplex and Nickel Alloy steels, we always argue that when comparing different steel standards, there is no such thing as "equivalents."

At best, one may be able to group "comparable" steel standards together based on some defined set of rules. For example, ASTM A 516/A 516M grade 70 is comparable to JIS G 3118 symbol SGV 480 and to EN 10028-2 steel name P295GH. Yet they are not equivalent since there are differences in their chemical compositions and mechanical properties.

For this reason we have organised our catalogue of products in terms of use - a more practical way to allow you to find the best product for your application. However, if the grade or application you are looking for is not listed in here, please contact us and we will do our best to help.